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Our unique fundraising model supports local nonprofits and a community of craftivists.

Smashing the patriarchy one handmade piece at a time by promoting social justice through craftivism.

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Pottery and Craft

The Persisterhood Workshop embraces craftivism in support of efforts to reduce social and economic inequalities here in South-Central Indiana.

-Leanne Ellis, Co-founder

Get Involved -
One Craft at a Time!

High Fives


 Your support matters. 

We maintain our organization with limited overhead. 


While our all-volunteer workforce of craftivists make what we sell, we depend on donations to defray production costs and reach our fundraising goals.

Arts and Crafts


 Be a part of our community. 

Are you a maker? 

Do you have skills to share?

Do you like to learn? 

Do you enjoy the company of others?


We need volunteers who would are iinterested in participatng in a workshop or even leading one. 

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