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Are you interested in leading or attending a workshop?

We need volunteers to participate in workshops and volunteers to lead workshops.


Workshops are organized throughout the year, but primarily in the months leading up to a craft show or pop-up fundraiser.  In a workshop, an artist/craftivist leads a group in the process of creating a particular item.  Workshops are generally 2-3 hours long.

A craftivist is anyone who uses their craft to help the greater good. As Persisterhood volunteers, we work with our hands and learn new skills. We spend time with both new and old friends crafting for a cause we believe in. There is tremendous satisfaction in knowing that through our crafting community, we in turn support the larger community in a meaningful way.

Want to help at the Market?

Are you a people person? Prefer to leave crafting to others but love interacting with the community? We need your help at our booth during Bloomington Handmade Market’s semiannual events and other pop-up fundraisers throughout the year.


You can help with:

  • booth set-up

  • selling our unique wares

  • booth take-down

Finally, we need your help in ways we haven't even thought of yet!  


When I volunteer with the Persisterhood Workshop, I help to make the world a kinder place through art. In our community of smart, compassionate, creative women, my spirit is lifted. Very thankful to experience firsthand being the change I’d like to see in the world.

-Gail Bray, Persisterhood Volunteer

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